¿Cannabis social club?

What is a cannabis social club?

Cannabis social clubs first appeared in Barcelona almost ten years ago. They are private, member only associations that offer smokers a safe place to chill. There are now over 300 clubs in the city, but not all are legitimate and worth your time. To gain access to a club you must be referred by a current member, it is not as simple as the coffee shops of Amsterdam, where anyone over 18 can simply walk in off the street.

Barcelona Weed Tour provides you access to the city’s finest clubs, matching your preferences to one or more of the associations in our portfolio. Whether you’re looking for a central spot to pick up and go or a relaxing place to spend your evenings, we can help, and every club we work with has something to satisfy even the most fussy connoisseur.

So, how does it work?

The only requirements are that you are 18 or older with ID, it’s really that simple. Send us a message via our Instagram, Facebook or email bcnweedtour@gmail.com to find out more !