Inside one cannabis club right in the beautiful historic center of Barcelona

A new cannabis club evolving positively and full of promises, it’s already smelling good I can tell you that 😉

Already one of the best Barcelona weed clubs in the ” Gothic area”, at least least for our criteria 🙂

Relaxed, eclectic and quality music selection !

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NEW Clubs & New Tours !

The tour is evolving in a higher way direction !

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More clubs than ever, entertainments, education and still offering the most exclusive clubs in Barcelona along with some unique services and events.

Big buds mag interview

We have had the pleasure to be interviewed after organizing a weed tour in Barcelona with Emily Earlenbaugh, a free-lance Cannabis writer from USA. She tells you some of the basics like we would with our guest : the rules, the local situation and the laws around cannabis in Spain. In the article you can also read more info about how tourists can join a cannabis social club in Barcelona and she gives some more information and feedback about our weed tour and services in Barcelona.

Read the article here :

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Spannabis 2019

After New Year’s Eve, the biggest celebration of the year is coming up mid March in Barcelona with The Spannabis !

Spannabis XVI Edition

Spannabis is the reference trade show for the cannabis sector worldwide. But there is also the Spannabis Champions Cup, one of the most renowned Cannabis Cup !

Sixteen years of culture, innovation and cannabis industry, hand in hand with the most outstanding brands of the moment.

During the week of the biggest Cannabis European fair a lot of events and different Cannabis Cup are being organised, so write us by e-mail to have your invitations sorted in the best Barcelona’s weed and smokers clubs of the city and access the most exclusives events!